1 Buck License

License Permissions

This license grants the User with non-attribution and non-exclusive rights to use, copy, modify, adapt or redistribute the Image in any type of medium and format, for any purpose including commercially, under License Constraints.

License Constraints

This license does NOT allow :
• Attribution of the Image unless atributted to the Owner.
• Selling the Image or copies of the Image, as it is, in any type of medium or format

License Definitions

Owner - the Image ownership right holder which is Ionut Sandu.
User  - The person or entity who received a copy of the Image from the Site, using a valid License Key.
Site - the online service found at https://1buckphoto.com through which Images are made available for viewing or download.
Image - is referring to the digital content, in the form of digital image, downloaded from the Site with a valid License Key
Derivatives - any creative work based on or containing the Image or parts of it
Non-Attribution Right - Usage of the Image does not require attribution to the Owner but does not allow foreign attribution either.
Non-Exclusive Right - The User does not have exclusivity on the Image. The Image can be sold to multiple Users.
License Key - proof of license acquiring in the form of an unique alphanumeric code, received upon puchasing, via email, which enables the User to download the Image from the Site and benefit from the use of the Image under current License directives.
License Terms and Conditions
All Images downloaded from the Site using a valid License Key are subject to this License terms. All Users have acknowledge  and agreed this License terms before buying a License Key or downloading an Image from the Site using a valid License Key.