Clean and Lightning Fast Image Gallery with Laravel 8 and Gumroad

December 18th, 2020

Hi there folks, I'm John, a simple photography enthusiast. I work as a PHP developer so photography isn't an income source for me but plain passion.

Though i use Deamstime to upload my photos and maybe turn them into in auxiliary income source, i was also searching for a custom solution that would empower me to set the terms someone would download my photos. The target was to let everyone download and use my photos in exchange for the closest price next to free, which is 1 buck, within a specific license terms. Along with that was also looking to have more of a portfolio/image gallery looking like site that would hold for presentation too.

A Lightning Fast Web Image Gallery

After doing my research i realized that my requirements were either too restrictive or too custom so i decided to build the application myself. I work with Laravel frequently so wasn't a challenge to build exactly what i need it. That being said the current application you're reading and shuffling through my photos is built on Laravel 8 with Tailwind, Livewire and AlpineJs. And damn it's fast! Even on small shared host subscription as in this case! A clean modern image gallery with cutsom limited shopping functionalities, handled by Gumroad.

So cheap, why not free?

I know, you may be wondering why not share them for free if monetization wasn't a priority and the license fee is so small? Well that actually was the reason. Giving them for free feels like washing away their value, the time and effort put in their development. While some them are single shots, others have hours of development in Photoshop and Lightroom. The 1 buck someone would pay for a full size image license it's not representing a monetization intent but a way of saying "Thanks!" to the author. The license under which all images are made available for download is more of a royalty but with extended rights, limited to only ensure usage protection and ownership, things you lose when posting to platforms like Unsplash. ( though i do have some photos there too :) )

Of course there is also a blog like feature integrated so i can express my humble thoughts once in a while but nothing too fancy, just what i need :) If i think about it, being so simple makes it so versatile. It could hold for a portfolio, for a resume, for a minishop and yet it's all together.

To sum up, 1 Buck Photo is a minimal image selling gallery self hosted solution designed for enthusiast amateur photographers that feel the need to express themselves in a personalized way, simple and yet controlled. A perfectly suitable solution for beginners startup to professionals showcase.

In the end my dear reader, if you enjoy my project you're more than appreciated for spreading the word and if you like one of my photos and think you could use it or embed it in your projects or work, you can have it for 1 buck! Commercial purposes allowed within license terms. Simple and affordable, ain't it ? :)

Thanks & Regards